Young children have an intrinsic curiosity about their immediate world. Exploratory, purposeful play is a central feature of our science investigations. 

Students engage in science understanding, including the following concepts as outlined in the Australian Curriculum: 

  • Living things are part of the world around us
  • Objects are part of the world around us
  • The world changes can affect how I feel/react
  • Objects can be moved and touched
  • There are objects in the world around me


Students engage in science enquiry skills, communicate ideas and process knowledge through concepts included in the Australian Curriculum: 

  • Engage and react to objects and events
  • React and respond to changes in the world around them
  • Accept and reject objects and events from the world around them
  • Communicate by initiating and refining their responses and use of accept or reject gestures or actions



Within the Primary department at Monash Special Developmental school, our science education emphasizes hands-on activities and real life experience. Students use the senses to observe and gather information, describing, making comparisons, sorting and classifying to create an order that is meaningful.