Semester One in Music

Music has had a great first half of the year! Every group has been able to participate in a music session and each section of the school has had their own focus.

 In the Early Education Department our students have been getting into the swing of things with some outdoor and indoor sessions, getting to interact with and explore different instruments while singing and dancing along to songs. This has been a lot of fun and a perfect way to enjoy music while getting to interact with our new friends!

Our primary students have been working on interacting with music, instruments and one another and are doing really well. Students get plenty of opportunity to work on social skills as well as musical skills such as rhythm, singing and active listening.

Our seniors and pathways students have been working on experimenting with different rhythms, using beatboxing and drumming as some of the main activities. A lot of our students also love to sing and dance, so in Music we make the most of this, giving each student the chance to express themselves and the songs they love through singing and movement.

Second semester has already gotten off to a great start with some of our primary students participating in the 37th Combined Specialist Schools Music Festival. An article covering this event will be posted up soon!

We’re looking forward to continuing a fun and exciting second half of the year in Music at Monash SDS!