Therapy News!

We have had a great start to Term 3 in Therapy! This term we are focussing on embedding our support in what the students do each day. We are working closely with teachers to help students  

achieve their ILP goals, do their best and be

as independent as possible.

In speech therapy, we have been using communication boards to help the students communicate throughout their day. For example, we are using our communication boards and devices when we are making drinks or snacks, during arts and craft and at morning circle time.


In occupational therapy, we have been focussing on increasing independence in life skills, such as unpacking the dishwasher, making the bed, getting dressed and eating more independently.

In physiotherapy, we have been working with those students who need help walking more independently and improving gross motor skills.

Yvonne, our social worker, has been busy attending NDIS workshops and working closely with staff and parents to ensure we are as ready as possible for the upcoming transition.

Great work to all the students at Monash SDS!

The Therapy Team