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Early Education/Kindergarten (click pic for more information)
Provides individualised centre-based educational and therapy programs for children aged between 2.8 and 5 years.
Family support.
Dual attendance at community preschools encouraged.
Primary School  (click pic for more information)
Individualised/small group instruction encompassing Department of Education and Early Childhood Development curriculum.
Specialist music/drama, swimming, physical education, bike education and therapy sessions.
School based with options of dual enrolment or involvement in the Monash SDS class at Brandon Park Primary School.
Senior  (click pic for more information)
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Transition Program (students 15 - 18 years)  (click pic for more information)
Post school options preparation.
Independant living skills development.
Recreation and leisure skills enhancement.
Individualised/small group instruction.
DEECD curriculum - integrated approach based on themes - opportunities for enrichment program - Kevin Heinz Garden Centre, extensive camp program, bike education, swimming/hydrotherapy, music/drama.
Monash Special Developmental School is a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development school catering for students aged 2.8 to 18 years with significant developmental delay and/or intellectual disabilities including autism spectrum disorder and multiple disabilities.
Offers excellent purpose built facilities including indoor and outdoor learning environments, sensory areas and gardens.
All programs supported by therapists including speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologist and a social worker.
Monash Special Developmental School